6 Study Techniques for Students That Are Effective

Study Techniques for Students

Study Techniques: Are you not consistent with your study routine? Do you feel stressed about your future due to a lack of concentration? Are you not satisfied with your grades? Do you want to be more focused and dedicated to your academic life? As we grow up our syllabus increases and it starts to feel … Read more

Reasons Behind The Things Lord Shiva Carries

Reasons Behind The Things Lord Shiva Carries

Shiva is one of the most significant and worshipped Gods in Hinduism. He is part of the trinity ‘Tridev’. Where ‘Brahma’ is the creator, ‘Vishnu’ is the preserver or protector, and ‘Mahesh’ is the destroyer. Lord Shiva is denoted by several names based on his characteristics and qualities, one of them is ‘Mahesh’. Shiva or … Read more

7 Types of Propaganda – UBO

Types of Propaganda

Propaganda tactics have been utilized for a very long time by politicians, influencers, and marketers. A propagandist, to put it simply, uses people’s emotions and persuasive skills to achieve their goals mostly for their personal advantage. When emotions are in control, we as humans start to lose all sense of reason. And that is precisely how … Read more

Yama | Yamraj God of Death In Hindu Mythology

Yama | Yamraj God of Death In Hindu Mythology: Lord Yamaraj, who is regarded as the Hindu god of death, resides in Kalichi, which is tucked away in the Patala Loka (netherworld). Although Yama is hated by all living things, he is essential to the world’s renewal and equilibrium thanks to the never-ending cycle of … Read more