5 Best Bookstores in Nashville, TN

The following is a list of the best and most popular Bookstores in Nashville. We created our own list based on this rating points list to help you find the best Bookstores near you in Nashville.

Nashville’s Best Bookstores: The following are the top-rated Bookstores in Nashville, TN

  • The Bookshop – provides a carefully curated selection of new books.
  • Defunct Books – sells used, out-of-print, rare, and collectible books.
  • Elder’s Book Store – Nashville’s and Tennessee’s oldest general bookstore
  • McKay’s Nashville – was founded in 1974
  • St. Mary’s Bookstore and Church Supply – to remind their customers to keep their focus on Jesus Christ


The Bookstore

The Bookshop offers a carefully curated selection of new books on a wide range of topics and price points. The Bookshop, located in East Nashville, is a small 500-square-foot haven for lovers of beautiful books. Joelle Herr, the shop’s owner, uses her nearly 20 years of experience as a book editor to research and select each book (and literary gift) in the shop. The well-considered selection covers a wide range of topics.

Products/Services: Literature for Children, Poetry, Self-Help, Music, Nature, and Cooking

Address: 1043 W Eastland Ave, Nashville, TN 37206
Phone: (615) 485-5420
Website: www.thebookshopnashville.com


Books That Have Expired

Since 2003, Defunct Books has been selling used, out-of-print, rare, and collectible books in all subjects. They moved from Iowa City, IA to the Five Points neighbourhood of East Nashville in 2015, where they now work in the Idea Hatchery across from the Post Office. They buy, sell, and trade a wide range of used, out-of-print, rare, and collectible books.

Products/Services: Buy, Sell, Trade Used Antiquarian, Arts, Classics, Collectible, Military History

Address: 1108 Woodland St A, Nashville, TN 37206
Phone: (615) 717-5852
Website: www.defunctbooks.com


Elder’s Bookshop

Elder’s Book Store is Nashville’s and Tennessee’s oldest continuously operating general bookstore. Charles Elder, the dean of Nashville bookstores, retired at the age of 93. He opened their shop during the Great Depression. He was a nationally recognised authority on ephemera and manuscripts, maps, and early Tennessee history.

In 1990, he was honoured by the Tennessee Booksellers Convention for his lifetime dedication to the business and received the Frances Neel Cheney Award from the Tennessee Library Association. Since his father’s retirement, Randy Elder, his son, has taken over as owner and operator of the business.

Products/Services: Arts, Cookbooks, Fashion & Design, Gardening, Business, Bibles, Children’s Books.

Address: 101 White Bridge Pike, Nashville, TN 37209
Phone: (615) 352-1562
Website: www.eldersbookstore.com


Nashville’s McKay’s

McKay’s Nashville first opened its doors in 1974. Because they believed that the traditional educational system stifled learning, the owners intended to establish an alternative university system. After determining that the library is the heart of a university, the concept of a free enterprise library was developed – a bookshop with a wide variety of books that an individual could obtain inexpensively, keep for as long as they desired, and return for credit on more books in the future.

Products/Services: Books, Movies, Video Games, Music, Buy & Sell, Curbside, Gift Cards.

Address: 636 Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville, TN 37209.
Phone: (615) 353-2595
Website: www.mckaybooks.com


St. Mary’s Church Supply and Bookstore

St. Mary’s Bookstore and Church Supply, as its motto suggests, is a family business that is more than just a bookstore. The multi-level store has items for every holiday, sacrament, and season. As they walk through the front doors, customers are greeted by cheerful employees who are eager to serve them.

St. Mary’s is brimming with carefully chosen items that remind customers to keep their focus on Jesus Christ. They hope that by using this website to help their store reach more people, they will be able to stay in touch with customers both near and far while maintaining the friendly, welcoming atmosphere that they have inside the store.

Products/Services: Books and Media, Church Supplies, Candles, Religious Gifts, Jewelry and Rosaries.

Address: 1909 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: (615) 329-1835
Website: www.stmarysbookstore.com

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