4 Best Story Books for kids to Read and Enjoy, In 2022.

Our pick of the finest storybooks for kids will keep your child occupied for hours. If your child complains about being bored or spends the entire day glued to their phones or tablets, an engaging storybook can be an excellent approach to keep them occupied. These stories teach moral values and other valuable lessons to your youngster. Reading is a nourishing habit that will aid your child’s intellectual and emotional development.

However, make sure the books are appropriate for your child’s age and aren’t overly complicated so that he or she doesn’t lose interest too quickly. Choose a book that your youngster will enjoy from the many alternatives available. So, have a look at the choices below and make your decision.

Best Story Books for kids to Read and Enjoy are as Follows :


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

A hungry baby caterpillar consumes cupcakes, lollipops, and whatever else he can get his hands on, causing him stomach pain. He’s even nibbling on the book’s pages, creating holes for the kids to fill in.

He grows heavier and fatter until one day he transforms into a lovely butterfly with purple, green, yellow, cherry pie, and orange wings.

The author explains metamorphosis in a way that children can grasp. It’s a picture book with enthralling pictures, collages, and vivid colors that children adore.

Age: 2+
Author: Eric Carle


Charlotte’s Web

Fern, a young girl, saves a pig by persuading her father not to kill him. Fren gives him the name Wilbur when they become friends. Wilbur is eventually relocated to Fern’s uncle Zuckerman’s barn, where Fern pays him daily visits.

When she doesn’t show up Wilbur is lonely since the other barn animals, such as goats, lambs, and rats, refuse to make friends with him.

Wilbur eventually makes a buddy in the form of Charlotte, a spider whose web is in one of the barn door’s corners. They soon find out that Wilbur is going to be slain for the next Christmas meal.

Charlotte, on the other hand, devises a scheme that will make the Zuckermans want Wilbur to stay with them indefinitely.

This is a fictional narrative about friendship, love, and how we should all treat our friends. It’s a classic.

Age: 5+
Author: E.B. White


The Cat in the Hat

Two bored children are sitting at home on a wet day with nothing to do. Then ‘The Cat in the Hat’ appears and causes mayhem. He’s trendy, but he’s also shameless, and his wrongdoing annoys everyone. He juggles other people’s belongings and even asks his pals to add to the mess.

But, eventually, the boy takes a stance and tells the cat to “pack up” and leave. When the cat is feeling sorry for himself, his whiskers and bow tie droop.

The words that rhyme so nicely in a well-crafted story will especially appeal to children.

Age: 4+
Author: Dr. Seus


Have a good night, Good Dog

It’s the story of a dog who isn’t quite ready to retire for the night. However, he recognizes nighttime when he sees the night lamp and hears the refrigerator hum. But he’s thinking about his time on the fields, the things he heard during the day, and all of his encounters.

He takes a leisurely stroll through the house, taking in the soothing indications of the night, till sleep finally lulls him, and he sleeps soundly, looking forward to the following day.

The novel depicts how a small child refuses to sleep at night and tries to put it off as long as possible.

Age: 4+
Author: Mary Lyn Ray



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