Don’t know what to read? Check out these 5 awesome Book stores in Delaware!

Book stores in Delaware!

Do you love to read but hate to spend money on books? Then Delaware has the book stores for you! Book stores are places that sell books, magazines, newspapers, and writing supplies. Book stores in Delaware also offer author readings, book clubs, and other literary events where patrons can purchase snacks and beverages while they … Read more

9 Amazing Bookstores In San Francisco CA That You Have To Visit

Bookstores In San Francisco CA

Most people think of the Golden Gate Bridge and the cable cars when they think of San Francisco, but there’s much more to this eclectic city by the bay. To say that the literary scene is thriving would be an understatement, as book lovers will enjoy checking out some of these famous bookstores in San … Read more

The 8 Best Bookstores in Phoenix You Can’t-Miss

Best Bookstores in Phoenix

Bookstores are like community centers of the literary world, and we’re fortunate to have so many great ones in Metro Phoenix. Check out our list of the eight best bookstores in Phoenix to see if you’ve visited them all yet or if there are any you haven’t gotten to yet. The next time you’re looking … Read more

Is Z Library Safe? Is It Legal or illegal?

Is Z Library Safe

Z-library, formerly known as BookFinder, is a shadow library with the goal of hosting all books around the globe on one website. But the real question is: Is Z Library Safe? Is z-library lawful or not? Can I use the z-library? Because it gives those who are less fortunate and others quick access to knowledge, … Read more