Charles Barkley Says NBA Should Have Suspended Kyrie Irving for Social Media Posts

Charles Barkley, a member of the Hall of Fame, blasted the NBA for how it handled the Kyrie Irving incident.

Tuesday's Chicago Bulls vs. Brooklyn Nets game would have been broadcast on TNT, and Barkley claimed the league ought to have punished Irving for his social media promotion of an antisemitic movie.

Barkley stated, "I think the NBA dropped the ball. "He ought to have been suspended, in my opinion. [Commissioner Adam Silver] ought to have suspended him, in my opinion.

The first thing is that Adam is Jewish. You have the right to insult me, and you will. However, I have the freedom to refuse to give you my $40 million and to insult my religion.

"The NBA erred in my opinion. We punished those who used homophobic slurs with suspensions and fines, and that was the proper move.

If you offend the Black community, you ought to be suspended or severely penalised, in my opinion. When Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards used the homophobic slur, I noticed that they responded the same way.