Golden State takes on Orlando on 3-game losing streak

Orlando Magic vs. the Golden State Warriors (3-5, 12th in the Western Conference) (1-7, 15th in the Eastern Conference)

Golden State needs to defeat Orlando in order to snap a three-game losing streak.

Orlando had a 12-29 record at home last season while going 22-60 overall. Last season, the Magic scored 104.2 points per game on average, making 15.5 free throws and 36.6 3-pointers.

Golden State had a 33-19 overall record in Western Conference play and a 22-19 road record the previous campaign.

Last season, the Warriors scored 111.9 points per game on average, including 44.3 in the paint, 16.5 points off turnovers, and 12.0 points on fast breaks.

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