If Ime Udoka is headed to the Nets, the Celtics seem happy to let him walk

Ime Udoka's final query from the media as the Celtics' head coach concerned J.D. Davison.

Udoka had been away from the post-Game 6 devastation of the NBA Finals for a little more than a week.

One day after the draught, Udoka spoke to the media through Zoom as the Celtics were only beginning to bandage their wounds in preparation for another attempt at a championship.

For obvious reasons, Davison received little attention during Udoka's news conference. However, following the standard questions about preparing for 2022–2023, a reporter inquired about the late second-round pick.

Udoka began by saying, "First and foremost, delighted about the young boy," before complimenting Davison's athleticism and mentioning that the Spurs, where Udoka started his coaching career, discovered some gems late in the selection.

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