Terrifying stat illustrates the futility of Matt Canada’s offense

Everybody was aware that Matt Canada was a poor offensive coordinator. Ben Roethlisberger's ability to lead the Pittsburgh Steelers offence to close victories after close victories last season essentially served as his support system.

However, a horrifying statistic provided by Steelers reporter Josh Rowntree demonstrates just how terrible this offensive is.

Canada has been the offensive coordinator for the Steelers for 26 games dating back to last season, according to Rowntree.

In that period, Pittsburgh has only tallied 20 or more points five times. Give that some time to sink in.

Pittsburgh's scoring offence, which is averaging just 15 points a game as of the end of Week 8, is ranked 32nd in the NFL as of this writing.

If the Steelers' evaluation of this body of work doesn't convince them to replace their offensive coordinator during the bye week, there may never be another reason to do so.